How to Engage Your 5 Senses for Sensation Play

woman kisses lollipop for sensation play

When it comes to exploring sexuality, there are many ways to discover and enhance your pleasure. In today’s sex guide, we’re going to dive into the subject of sensory play. This practice incorporates all senses, therefore creating a more immersive and satisfying experience. Regardless if you’re single or in a relationship, the addition of sensory […]

Exploring Cybersex With App-Controlled Toys

blonde woman with cybersex app contolled toys

Imagine being able to control the sensations of a sex toy with just a tap on your smartphone screen, whether you’re across the room or halfway around the world. With app-controlled toys, long-distance relationships are no longer hindered by miles apart but instead enriched by shared experiences of pleasure. Key Takeaways: Innovative Pleasure: App-controlled toys […]

A Guide to Choosing Sex Toys for Everyone

sex toys for everyone

Today’s sex guide is a continuation of last week’s introduction to the vast subject of sex toys for women. This article will centre around types of toys you can enjoy with a partner, regardless of your gender. Some toys will enhance your vanilla experience, some will make it more spicy. As always, remember it’s just […]

A Guide to Choosing the Best Sex Toys for Women

A Guide to Choosing the Best Sex Toys for Women

For a lot of women, successful solo masturbation is harder than intercourse. It’s not like anyone’s got instruction to their body, we all have to learn as we go, and this is where the problems start. Before you know what tickles your fancy, it’s better to just start with your hands. But really… Should you […]

Men’s Mythical Full Body Orgasm and the Path to Pleasure

Men's Mythical Full Body Orgasm

In recent years, there has been a significant cultural shift towards promoting body positivity and challenging societal norms that carry unrealistic standards. While this movement has gained traction, discussions surrounding male body positivity and the taboo associated with male sexual pleasure often remain in the shadows. It’s time to shed some light on these important […]

A Guide to Erotic Spanking

woman prepares to be spanked

In our sex guide series, we already talked about BDSM, even in depth about subjects like bondage and restraints, tickling sessions, Cock and ball torture and asphyxiation or breath play. Today, we take on yet another popular kink: spanking. Erotic spanking is a part of a bedroom activity called impact play. It includes things like […]

A Guide to Safe and Pleasurable Anal Sex

woman prepares for anal sex with toy

Despite the growing popularity, anal sex is still considered a taboo. That hurtful reputation is a significant factor contributing to a lack of education on the matter. Don’t worry, this sex guide is here to fix that. We gathered a list of the most common questions and misconceptions about anal play. STIs Transmission and How […]

A Sex Guide to Intimate Rimming Pleasures

Sex Guide to Intimate Rimming

Rimming, anilingus or simply a rim job — all of those names describe the same thing, which to put it nicely means orally stimulating your partner’s anus. It may not sound too appealing, many would call it revolting but when done properly, it will give your partner an amazing orgasm. Today’s sex guide will focus […]

A Sex Guide to Perfecting the 69 Position

perfecting the 69 position - guide

Today’s sex guide is about oral sex, or to be more specific — getting horny with position 69. It looks alluring, but don’t dare to assume it’s easy. Actually, it takes way more coordination, cooperation, and skills than most sex positions. There’s more than one way to achieve it, which will be discussed in detail […]

Tongue Tango – A Guide to Deep French Kissing

guide to deep french kissing

Most of us had our first real kiss somewhere between the ages of twelve and seventeen. As we get older, kissing tends to lose all its magic and become just another part of the foreplay, or just a symbolic thing we do before saying goodbye; it loses its meaning. And you don’t even spend a […]

Cock and Ball Torture – A Guide to Ball Busting

ball busting escorts london

Cock and Balls Torture, commonly referred to as CBT, is a fetish from the BDSM spectrum that means literal torture of a man’s genitals. It can be performed in many ways, which we list in this sex guide. Keep in mind, that CBT can be a tad extreme and dangerous if practised carelessly. A lot […]

Grip, Stroke, Satisfy – A Sex Guide to Mind-Blowing Handjobs

woman prepares to give handjob

Getting the hand of it A crucial skill everybody should have in their sex repertoire is giving a great handjob. While this doesn’t seem like a hard job for those who actually have a penis, for others it might be. Pleasing your partner with just your hand proves to be a real struggle for a […]