The Orgasm Guide – How to Make a Woman Climax

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This sex guide will concentrate on the subject as old as time itself – how to make a woman climax. It should be simple, females are even capable of having multiple orgasms, but a surprising percentage of them never experienced any. The latest polls suggest many women think they’re asexual or simply incapable of having […]

Taking Breathplay by the … Throat

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In the previous sex guide we discussed what erotic asphyxiation means, today we’ll get into details. As stressed before, reckless attempts at breathplay are extremely dangerous and may lead to serious consequences, including death. Have a read and decide on your own whether you want to try this type of fun.   Slow beginning If […]

Taking the First Breath – Introduction to Breathplay

sexy lady with ball gag for bdsm session

Erotic asphyxiation or simply breathplay is a sexual fantasy of many people, but barely a dew dare to go the whole way. It’s one of a few fetishes of BDSM scene that can actually lead to life-threatening situations. For some, the sole thought of the possible risks can be arousing, but we’re here to talk […]

Stepping Up Your Foot Fetish Fantasies

Stepping Up Your Foot Fetish Fantasies

In the previous sex guide, we discussed the foot fetish and its popularity. Now, it’s time to dive deeper into it and uncover the secret of proper foot play. As we mentioned, there are many sides to foot fetish, so remember to talk to your partner, before attempting any practices named below. This instalment consists […]

A Guide For Exploring Foot Fetish Thrills

foot fetish guide

Today’s sex guide’s subject is so popular nowadays, that pretty much everyone has heard of it. Although, that doesn’t mean everybody knows what exactly it means. You haven’t guessed what it is yet? Well, today’s main theme is foot fetish. Most people have never even thought of their feet as sexy. Actually, most people don’t […]

A Guide to Turn Your Woman into a Sex Slave

guide to turn woman into sex slave

This sex guide is a response to our previous one. Have you already guessed? Yes, today we’ll be discussing how to turn a woman into a proper sex slave. Last week’s guide already had all the definitions in it, but for making things simpler, we’ll go through it again. Before you begin any kind of […]

A Guide to Turn Your Man into a Sex Slave

turn your man into a sex slave

Discover the art of dominance with ‘A Guide to Turn Your Man into a Sex Slave’. Explore consensual power dynamics in this insightful, steamy guide. This sex guide is going to concentrate on how to turn your man into your private sex slave. It’s not as complicated as it may sound. So, sit comfortably, make […]

The Unapologetic Guide to Humiliation Kink

Guide to Humiliation Kink

We mentioned previously that there are such things like humiliation and degradation in our domination sex guide. Today, we will unravel the mystery behind those terms. Degradation kink is gaining in popularity as days go by, simply because of the rising numbers of BDSM fans. To put it short, it means that a person, called […]

Sex Guide – How to Dominate Your Partner

dominate your partner,

You kiss for hours, passionately making out on the couch. When she let you go, her cheeks were red from the lack of breath and her eyes were dark with desire; you never desired anyone like you desire her at that moment. She leans forward, her warm breath tickling your cheek, she licks your ear, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Tantric Sex

guide to tantric sex

Tantric sex is an uncommon practice, but recently it started growing in popularity. This sex guide will reveal its purpose and help you get started. Tantra is an old Indian practise, translated from Sanskrit, it means woven together. It’s a way to connect your physicality with spirituality, just like meditation, and in doing so it […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Gentle Femdom

guide to femdom

You might have heard the word femdom somewhere. The name sounds curious, doesn’t it? “Fem” obviously coming from the word female and “dom” from dominance. It’s a part of BDSM spectrum, and it’s gaining on popularity nowadays. This sex guide will concentrate on things that beginners can do on their way to become a dominatrix. […]

Beginner’s Guide to Bondage and Sensual Restraint

Guide to Bondage and Sensual Restraint

Most likely, you came across this sex guide, because you were looking for something that will rekindle the spark of romance in your relationship. Well, it just so happens that there’s nothing that screams “desire” more than a little sprinkle of BDSM play in the bedroom. This time, we’ll concentrate on bondage and its various […]