Painfully Erotic Femdom Trampling – Barefoot Submission

bdsm trampling with london escort

I’m not very good at being a dominatrix. I’ve never tried it before, but the new client insisted that he wanted me, and he wanted me to try it. It’s not like I was against it, nothing like this, but I just didn’t want to disappoint him, and I felt like I didn’t have enough […]

Zachs Foot Fetish With A London Escort

london escort story by zach

This evening I had a meeting with a new client, Zach. He said that he isn’t sure what he wants, but he really needs to relax. Relaxing is what I do best, so I took his offer. We met at the hotel, and he led me to his room. I sat on the bed, but […]

Steamy Role plays with London Escorts – Cheating Spouse

london escorts are popular

I was a professional escort for about two years, when Lucy and I got called on a job together. I liked working with her, we’ve done that a few times already, but this fantasy was straight up bizarre. He wanted to go to bed with one of us and have the other catch him in […]

Dominate Me, Boss – The Night He Took Over Role Play

escort lady poses to be dominated

This time I was doing a role play with one of my frequent clients. He begged and begged, until I agreed for him to dominate this time. I was sceptical, he always behaved like he was born to be a submissive, but I wouldn’t be a professional escort if I wasn’t good at role playing. […]

As a Dominatrix, I Choose Every Breath They Take

Dominatrix escorts poses in black corset

A new client called today, we started talking about his expectations, and it turned out that we love the same things. He was looking for a dominatrix, who at the same time still be a tender lover, and I was looking for someone to dominate. We set up a meeting for the evening in a […]

When Dinner Dates End with a Squirty Cream Bang!

client and escort on a romantic dinner date

Today, my favourite client called for me again. At least today, he wanted a casual dinner date instead of some weird fantasy. After the last few escapades, honestly done with his bizarre ideas. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy them, but a little vanilla never hurt anyone, I get so little of it being a […]

The Hot Love Triangle with Dominatrix Kate

2 sexy escorts pose for date with a client

Before we jump into this hot love triangle sequel, be sure to check out Kate’s Fresh Spin where the initial sparks began and sets the stage for the passion and intrigue that follows.      Kate laughed, throwing her head back, her chest shook from the vibrations. She knew she could do absolutely anything to […]

Dominatrix Kate’s Fresh Spin on Power Dynamics

Dominatrix Kate's Fresh Spin on Power Dynamics

“Kate, Kate! He called for us again!” I said excitedly, jumping up and down like a kid. “What? Who called?” she asked, her eyebrows furrowed and the look of utter confusion blossomed on her face. “Derek! You know, the guy we made our slave two weeks ago?” I shook my head in disbelief. “Oh, right,” […]

Part Two of my Dominatrix Session with Henry

my dominatrix session with henry

Welcome back to the electrifying continuation of a story that started with passion, power, and the exploration of forbidden desires. If you haven’t experienced the intense journey from the very beginning, I urge you to first immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of Part One.    I felt overwhelmed by arousal. Being his dominatrix is […]

Escaping Escorting’s Chains to Embrace Dominatrix Power

embrace dominatrix power

When I became a professional escort, I made it clear I still want to be a dominatrix. My boss was more than happy to oblige. This time a client called with a specific BDSM related request, and I immediately agreed, before I even knew the details. The meeting was set for two days for now, […]

An Escort’s Night with an Old Flame

Escorts Night with an Old Flame

“Hi,” I said almost inaudibly. The situation was strange. Since I became a professional escort, Alexander was my favourite and most frequent client, but he stopped coming once he got married. Apparently, things didn’t work out, not even two years passed until the agency got a call asking for me. I thought we could just […]

Foot Fetish Passion in Candlelight

Foot Fetish Passion in Candelight

I was very excited for tonight’s customer, since we shared a common kink. He had a foot fetish, and I loved guys who were into feet. Before the meeting, he asked for my shoe size, and I was wondering what he had planned. We were supposed to meet at the hotel at 9, which gave […]