Two Flatmates get On the Horn: 69 Style

Two Flatmates get on the Horn 69 style

A frequent client of mine called me with a new role play idea. We’ve been seeing each other basically since I became a professional escort. This time, he wanted to do flatmates that suddenly feel attracted to each other and the 69 position. I agreed with no hesitation, since I always enjoy role playing with […]

How Massage Role Play Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How Massage Role Play Can Turn Your Dream Into Reality

My new client wanted to live out his fantasy of a massage turning into an affair. I really liked this idea and immediately agreed. He told me he would get everything prepared in his hotel room and we set the time of the meeting. As this was supposed to be a role play, I dressed […]

Beyond Being a Plus-One: Mastering the Role of a GFE

One Mastering the Role of a GFE

After working for Party Girls London for a little over three months, I thought that nothing can surprise me any more. And I was very wrong about that. The new client was very hesitant to let me in on the details, but finally I got it out of him. At first, he discreetly asked me […]

The secret of hot phone sex – how to talk dirty to women?

hot phone sex

The idea of phone sex has been around for ages, and although it sounds like a perfect plan for long distance relationships, it’s not that easy to perform. This article is meant to outline the basics of dirty talk that women enjoy hearing from both men and other females. First time trying to talk out […]

Cute Catgirl Client Chemistry: Playful or Nympho?

cute catgirl

I started working for Party Girls London just a few days ago, when I got my first booking. This wasn’t my first job as an escort, but I was still relatively new to the scene. It was supposed to be a roleplay and I usually enjoy them, so I agreed. The client wanted me to […]

Edging Until You Can’t Scream No More

Edging until you can’t scream no more

I was new to the femdom scene, but I was already loving it. I was researching ways to become a professional dominatrix, whenever I had the chance, and I couldn’t wait to put my new skills to use. Some practices, like breath play, still sounded scary for me, but I loved the feeling of power […]

Confessions of a Roleplay Addict: My Succubus Journey

Confessions of a Roleplay Addict My Succubus Journey

I had been working as a London escort for almost a year, when I got this request. It was something new, and I was excited to make yet another man’s dreams come true. I always enjoyed roleplay, especially if it is as well-thought-out as this one. The client dropped my outfit and hotel room key […]

My special 69 position as your girlfriend

My special 69 position as your girlfriend

My new meeting details were pretty simple and straight-forward, Daniel wanted a girlfriend experience with make-up sex and 69 positions. We agreed on the time and place for a romantic dinner beforehand. GFE is kind of my specialty. I listed it on my escort profile as a bonus, fun thing to do, but it turned […]

From Vanilla to Domme: My first dominatrix session

From Vanilla to Domme My first dominatrix session

I don’t even know how to say this without sounding vulgar or straight up stupid. I’m not a prude, quite the opposite, but I do get shy talking about sex and things like this. When I first read the offer from a new client, I blushed. My heart started fluttering, like a little bird trying […]

Cuckold watches two girls having fun

Cuckold watches two girls having fun

The most common fetish I was asked for was probably cuckolding. I have an ambiguous relationship to it. It’s not that I don’t like being watched, that’s the best part really, but it’s confusing why men would want it. I get hundreds of requests to have sex with their wives and let them sit aside, […]