BDSM Etiquette for the Modern Player


Hello there, you daring devils, and welcome to the thrilling rollercoaster that is the world of BDSM. First order of business? We’re sweeping out those dusty old misconceptions. BDSM isn’t just a spicy flavour of the month; it’s a lifestyle, a language, a dance as old as time. Hold on to your hats (or should […]

Beginner’s Guide to Bondage and Sensual Restraint

Guide to Bondage and Sensual Restraint

Most likely, you came across this sex guide, because you were looking for something that will rekindle the spark of romance in your relationship. Well, it just so happens that there’s nothing that screams “desire” more than a little sprinkle of BDSM play in the bedroom. This time, we’ll concentrate on bondage and its various […]

The Art of Blending In: Professional Escorts at Weddings

the art of blending in

Explore the world of a London escort invited to a wedding by her regular client. As they wade through the evening, the line between work and genuine connection gets blurry. Check out our Comprehensive Guide for Beginners for a deeper dive into escort relationships and navigating societal norms. One time when my regular client and […]

Sex Guide: Mastering the Art of Cunnilingus

Mastering the Art of Cunnilingus

It’s time for yet another instalment of our very own sex guide. This time, we will tackle the most mysterious and supposedly the hardest subject of all – mastering a cunnilingus. Is it really that hard to please a woman? What are you doing wrong? Many people aren’t fans of orally pleasing their women, the […]

Riding the Edge of Pleasure – My Journey with Rough BDSM

My Journey with Rough BDSM

Step into a world of intrigue and exploration of desires as an escort delves into the fascinating realm of BDSM. Despite her innocent appearance, she surprises herself and her client with her assertive command as a dominatrix. Their meeting reveals unexpected depths of mutual pleasure and tantalising power dynamics.  A few months ago, I got […]

From Cocktails to Public Sex – My Club Meeting

From Cocktails to Public Sex

Dive into an intriguing narrative where boundaries are pushed and desires come alive. As our protagonist navigates a night of unexpected passion with David,  get a glimpse into the world of escorts Our London Escort Guide. I wasn’t too happy with today’s request. Honestly, I would never agree to this, if the client wasn’t my […]