Fascination Unleashed – The Power of a Sex Demon

Fascination Unleashed The Power of a Sex Demon

When I was creating my professional escort profile, I put in role play as one of the things I’m interested in. There wasn’t much interest in it, mostly GFE or kinky things, but today a guy contacted me with a bizarre request. With a little hesitance, I agreed, and we agreed to meet at a […]

Stepping into the flames of a fiery dominatrix

Flames of a fiery Dominatrix

I got an outcall request from a new client, Marcus. He sent me a whole file about what he’d like me to do. Basically, it all came down to me dominating him. Our company offers professional escort services, with no mention of fetishes, but I listed light BDSM as one of the things I’m interested […]

Spicing Up Your Sex Life with a Three-way

spicing up your sex life with a three-way

A three-way is probably one of the most common fantasies, especially one involving two girls and one guy. Although it seems desirable and easy to do, making sure everyone is having fun isn’t that simple. Perfectly balancing a love triangle in a way that everyone is satisfied and has a good time is a hard […]

My Sexy Nurse Adventures with the Guys


Today I got another role play request as a sexy nurse, it was the third one this month. This time it was an old client of mine, we met frequently every month that he is in town. Apparently today, he wanted to try out a fantasy that he had in mind for quite some time. […]