Forbidden Fantasies: An Employee Affair Role play Story

Office Employee Affair Roleplay

I was doing another role play tonight, and I have to say this one was very strange. The customer wished for it to be a seduction story of a married man by his employee. The idea was that they got forced to share a hotel room. I kind of liked it. As long as we […]

Two Flatmates get On the Horn: 69 Style

Two Flatmates get on the Horn 69 style

A frequent client of mine called me with a new role play idea. We’ve been seeing each other basically since I became a professional escort. This time, he wanted to do flatmates that suddenly feel attracted to each other and the 69 position. I agreed with no hesitation, since I always enjoy role playing with […]

How Massage Role Play Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How Massage Role Play Can Turn Your Dream Into Reality

My new client wanted to live out his fantasy of a massage turning into an affair. I really liked this idea and immediately agreed. He told me he would get everything prepared in his hotel room and we set the time of the meeting. As this was supposed to be a role play, I dressed […]