The More The Merrier But three Guarantees Pleasure

3 pleasure is guaranteed

I was scared, but also excited, when I heard about a new offer. One of my coworker’s regulars wanted to book three girls at once, almost like an orgy. I did like love triangles, but this was new. Nikki insisted that I’d come too, but I was hesitant. What would we even do? She kept […]

Step into the Dark: My Succubus Journey Continues

my succubus journey continues

I always enjoyed when my old clients came back for more, especially when we had fun the first time around. My excitement was simply out of this world, when I got a reservation from the man I had role played as a succubus with. I got aroused immediately, remembering how good it felt to become […]

Fascination Unleashed – The Power of a Sex Demon

Fascination Unleashed The Power of a Sex Demon

When I was creating my professional escort profile, I put in role play as one of the things I’m interested in. There wasn’t much interest in it, mostly GFE or kinky things, but today a guy contacted me with a bizarre request. With a little hesitance, I agreed, and we agreed to meet at a […]

Confessions of a Roleplay Addict: My Succubus Journey

Confessions of a Roleplay Addict My Succubus Journey

I had been working as a London escort for almost a year, when I got this request. It was something new, and I was excited to make yet another man’s dreams come true. I always enjoyed roleplay, especially if it is as well-thought-out as this one. The client dropped my outfit and hotel room key […]