My Clients First Electrostimulation Session

redhair girl prepares for sexual electrostimulation encounter

The choice of becoming a professional escort was probably the best one I made. Kinky and insatiable by nature, I was blooming in this role. Most of my clients were regulars, even if they initially didn’t plan it. At first, I was only providing a vanilla experience, but my knowledge of various fetish practises and […]

My Sexual Encounter in Absolute Darkness

woman and men prepare for sexual encounter in the dark room

I was a professional escort for a couple of years now, which meant I was used to getting odd requests. That being said, nothing prepared me for this one. It wasn’t anything gross or disturbing, but it was just bizarre. Regardless of that, I agreed. Actually, the most I thought about it, the more I […]

My Schoolgirl Session – Anything for Grades

schoolgirl escort doing anything for the teacher

My old client, Todd, called me with a new role play idea. We were once again going with the schoolgirl fantasy but this time, it was the forbidden territory of blackmail and BDSM punishment. Last time, we held a spanking session, but this time he wanted to do more. Since I loved our previous encounter, […]

My Secret Romance as a Dominatrix Escort

London Dominatrix Escort meets with man on bed

This escort has a unique set of skills that make her stand out from the rest. Her clients rave about her ability to fulfill their deepest desires, whether it be through roleplaying, domination or simply providing a shoulder to lean on. She’s confident, sassy and always up for a challenge. And when it comes to […]

From Cheerleader Roleplay to Kinky Femdom Action

cheerleader femdom action

Welcome to the world of professional escorts in London! If you haven’t had the chance to delve into Part 1 of our sizzling story of cheerleader girl-on-girl passion.   “Lie down,” he told me, wiping the sweat off his forehead. I did as he told me, using the pillows to prep my bottom up. Audrey […]

My Cheerleader Roleplay with Girl-on-Girl Passion

cheerleader roleplay

As a professional escort, I preferred to work alone, but today my friend Audrey was joining me. I liked her, and we did a few naughty things before, so I didn’t mind as much. Our client asked for a role play, he wanted us to be hot cheerleaders. I was thrilled, since I always wanted […]

Next-Level Pleasure In Our Strap-on Session

next level strapon session

Dive into Part 1 for an immersive exploration of the beginnings of our story power with a strapon! I spread his ass open and licked his entrance. He shivered, and his arse jiggled a little. I liked how responsive he was, it was like a kink of mine. I started kissing and licking his hole, […]

Pleasing Him with The Power of a Strap-on

power of strapon with an escort

Today, I was meeting a new client that wanted to experiment. As a professional escort, I was getting quite a lot of requests like that. Tonight, it was anal play, to be more precise, he wanted me to use a strap-on dildo on him. I got recommended for the job because all the girls knew […]

From Netflix to Shaking Orgasms with My Client

Sexy Blonde Escprts ready to orgasm

One summer evening, as I was watching a film on Netflix, already in my pyjamas, I got a call. One of my regular clients had a bad day, and he desperately wanted to meet for a little date night. Hesitantly, I agreed, but I told him to lower his expectations. Maybe I was a high […]

Schoolgirl Spanking Role-Play With My Client

Schoolgirl RolePlay and Spanking

Tonight, I was going out with a new client, he requested a spanking session with an escort. Despite the fact I didn’t quite fancy BDSM, spanking wasn’t that bad. I even preferred getting spanked, instead of dominating a man. I also really loved the elaborate role-play and that was a part of his proposition. We […]

Hot Tongue Action In Client Rimming Part 2

Hot Tongue Action

Ready for another round of sizzling passion? Dive into the continuation of our enticing client rimming story, if you missed the first part, ‘Rimming with My Client,’ it’s not too late to join the journey. Get ready for an intimate experience filled with desire, connection and anticipation.    After a couple of minutes, my tongue […]

Trying out Rimming with my Latest Client

rimming with client

My schedule for the weekend was full. When I became an escort girl in London, business was slow but I didn’t give up. Now, I was collecting the fruits of my hard labour, I had so many regular clients I could barely have time to myself, not to mention squeeze in new gentlemen. Despite all […]