Beyond Kinky: The Intriguing Meaning behind the ‘B’ in BDSM

behind the B in BDSM

What is bondage? Well, for starters, it’s what the letter “B” stands for in the acronym BDSM. Let’s leave the rest of the letters alone for now, since today’s main topic is only the tying up part, which doesn’t necessarily include other, more extreme, practices. Usually it’s a great addition to role-play or a way […]

Creampie to the Rescue on a Tough Day!

creampie to the rescue

Sometimes, working as a London  escort can be rewarding, most of the time actually pleasurable, but on some days you just want to rest. Unfortunately, that was one of these days. I spend all late-morning and afternoon on my couch eating junk comfort food and mindlessly clicking through the TV channels. I wasn’t planning on […]

My Steamy Shower Sex Story

london escort shower sex

I was still a fairly new professional escort, when this happened. My client was a good ten years older than me, and it was our third meeting, so I had a rough idea what he liked. We started making up as soon as he closed the door behind me. He led me to the bedroom, […]

A beginner’s Guide to Indulging in Anal Sex

A beginner's Guide to Indulging in Anal Sex

Anal sex is a sort of taboo subject, but it shouldn’t be. A lot of people are eager to try it, but end up never even suggesting it to their partners, or simply chicken out. The thing about anal is that it’s fairly easy to do something wrong and ruin the whole experience for both […]

The Beauty and Chaos of Losing Control During Anal Sex

Losing Control During Anal Sex

Today I was meeting the same client for the third night in a row. I usually wouldn’t work so much, but until now we were very vanilla in bed. Key word: until now. Today, he wanted to try anal sex. Unlike some girls, I actually liked anal, so I agreed. We had a good chemistry […]

Fascination Unleashed – The Power of a Sex Demon

Fascination Unleashed The Power of a Sex Demon

When I was creating my professional escort profile, I put in role play as one of the things I’m interested in. There wasn’t much interest in it, mostly GFE or kinky things, but today a guy contacted me with a bizarre request. With a little hesitance, I agreed, and we agreed to meet at a […]

What is it like to be a London escort?


Working as a London escort was, so far, a bliss. This evening, I was meeting a new client in a hotel. I was incredibly excited to see him for the first time, I felt tension in my stomach, like always before meeting someone new. On my way there, I wondered what he had planned for […]