Unexpected Pillow Talk in the Honeymoon Suite

Unexpected Pillow Talk in the Honeymoon Suite

Usually people call to book a high class escort for themselves, but this time it was supposed to be a surprise gift for one of their buddies. I told them that the interested party has to be informed beforehand and they hesitantly agreed. We set up the date, time and location. The client was staying […]

The Footjob Sequel That Will Leave You Breathless

footjob sequel story

Welcome back lovely readers! We’re thrilled to present the sequel to our captivating footjob story. If you missed Part 1, don’t worry! You can check it out it our here where footplay becomes an irresistible aphrodisiac.  Brace yourself for a delightful continuation that will leave you craving more.  He knew that I wanted a release […]

A Guide to Water Sports and the Golden Shower

guide to watersports

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a word “water sports”? If you thought about surfing and swimming, this sex guide is definitely for you. At the very least you will learn something new, at best – get a new fantasy to conquer. The term “water sports” is commonly used […]

Sole Connection: Footjob Becomes the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Sole Connection: Footjob Becomes the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

A new client has contacted the agency and asked specifically for me. It’s always flattering when they want only me and no one else. They forwarded me his request, and my excitement lessened a bit. I was more of a dominatrix, so being submissive didn’t come easy for me, I needed a really strong man […]

Exploring the Shadows: My Path from Dominatrix to Escort

Dominatrix to Escort

Before I became a professional escort, I was working as a dominatrix. It wasn’t working out for me, because as much as I loved dominating, I wanted sex too. Now, I can have both. One of my regular clients called and begged to meet today. I was a little tired, but his pleas were so […]

Think Outside the Box: Try Tickling as a BDSM Session!

Tickling as a BDSM Session

Consensual tickling or simply a tickling fetish is an uncommon kink that centres around various forms of tickling. For that reason, many people may find it strange or straight up unappealing, after all it’s not that great to be tickled. Surprisingly, for some it is. They say that laughter is the best medicine, but I […]

Charm, Elegance, and Intelligence: The Allure of Professional Party Escorts

The Allure of Professional Party Escorts

After a couple of years working as a party escort, I learned all about proper business events’ etiquette. While the popular opinion is that we’re all just a bunch of high-class models, the truth is we’re much more than that. Many gentlemen need a pretty date for important events, and she has to not only […]

A Virgin’s Adventure into the World of Anal Pleasure

london escort anal pleasure

Embarking on uncharted sexual territory can be a mixture of excitement and apprehension. As a  London escort, I had never ventured into anal sex before. However, with the gentle encouragement of a regular client, I finally decided to give it a try. Join me as I recount the intimate details of this unforgettable experience, filled […]

Unveiling the Trifecta of Pleasure: The Continuation of Three Delights

Welcome back, to the captivating world of pleasure and intrigue. If you haven’t yet immersed yourself in the exhilarating tale that unfolded in Part 1, ‘The More The Merrier But three Guarantees Pleasure,’ we urge you to indulge in that journey before delving into the enchanting continuation that awaits you in this Part 2 with […]

The More The Merrier But three Guarantees Pleasure

3 pleasure is guaranteed

I was scared, but also excited, when I heard about a new offer. One of my coworker’s regulars wanted to book three girls at once, almost like an orgy. I did like love triangles, but this was new. Nikki insisted that I’d come too, but I was hesitant. What would we even do? She kept […]